Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back to School....Back to Blogging

Hey, hey, hey....I can not believe it's been nearly 5 months since my last post! 5 months!   That's forever.  Nearly 1/2 of this year.  So, far, that is the entire length of my employment at my new job.  See where I'm going? 

Lots have happened in 5 months.  Unfortunately, just not lots around the house, like I had been hoping for.  I think I had to glorious idea in my head that I would be able to get about 3-4 posts, consisting of projects, crafts, recipes, what have you, up on the blog each week.  I really did.  And then....reality hit. And it hit hard.   
Blogging takes a lot of time.  It's enough that the projects take time, but then to add blogging to it.  Wow, was I ever delusional.  I don't blog for income, I blog for friends and family, mostly those out of town, to see what has been happening in and around our family.  So why put that stress on myself?  So, I stopped.  Plus, there is the fact that we both have full time jobs, it's not always in the forefront of my mind, to actually go work on a project that needs completing.  

Which is why my hallway still isn't finished, my daughter's room is at least livable now, but it's not done.  I still have plans for 2 more bathrooms, our entryway and the last remaining child's room to complete.  

Making your house a home is not what is done cosmetically but with who you share your home with.  While I may not have the perfect home that is always magazine ready, or organized the way I envision it.   We have a very lived in home, with 4 children, a husband & wife dynamic duo, 2 dogs, a cat, and we can't forget the hamster.  I have kids who are loved unconditionally, and are making memories daily.
While we have spent the summer enjoying the most of our children and spending time as family, it never feels like it was enough.  I've said it before, I'll say it again and again, I just can't believe how fast our time with them has gone by already.   Enjoy your time with your babies, they grow quickly.    
During the summer we spent a lot of weekends doing some quick trips to The Lake (our favorite place to be), with our friends and we had a lot of weekends at home doing things around the house and hanging out with each other.
2014-2015 school year is bringing our children some major milestones.
We have a high school senior!   HOW is that possible?  I feel like I just graduated high school myself, how can I possibly be the mother of a child that is almost 18?  How can we be parents of a child g-r-a-d-u-a-t-i-n-g???  He only has a few credits to complete before graduating and we have been working with his counselor and starting to work with the community college counselor to see what he needs to move forward with his passion.
Isn't he just handsome?  I swear I just bringing him to Kindergarten orientation, with my little red headed toddler and sporting a fairly large baby bump.
Now this lady.  Look at her.   She's in the 8th grade this year.  This chicky has such a great core group of friends; I just adore them all. She has some pretty hard classes this year.  In fact, she is actually taking a course right now that will give her a head start on her high school credits. 
My dear, Baby Girl.   That's exactly what and who she is, my Baby Girl.  Who has decided to go on and grow up and become a middle-schooler.  She has waited all her school life to finally get out of the elementary school and she is loving it!  She is following in momma's footsteps and will be the first of the kiddo's to play an instrument   Starting with my old flute.  :)
Look at this guy!  He kills me.  Bubba is officially at the higher end of the elementary school ladder.  Going into the 4th grade this year felt so....big.   There are going to be so many big and wonderful changes for him this year.  I remember just loving the 4th grade.
I have to say...that Mister and I.  We have some good looking babies!  I couldn't be more proud of each of them.
Look at how much they've changed in the last year!  Wild!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Meal Plan Monday: 4/21/2014

Hello everyone!  Did you have a fabulous Easter?  We did.  The bunny was good to us this year.  The kids all got new flip flops and bathing suits in their baskets.   I guess the bunny was getting us ready for the boat and summer.  

I have to say, The Mister did a pretty darn good job with keeping the family on track and fed last week.   I could get use to coming home to dinner on the table.  I just have to do the toughest part...think of the meals and prep the foods.  Actually, we had enough leftovers for two of the nights, that there are two meals on repeat here this week, because we didn't get to make them last week.

So with that said; here is this week's meal plan.

Monday: Oven Baked Pork Chops  (previously made freezer meal)

Tuesday:  Slow Cooker:  Pesto Ranch Chicken Thighs

Wednesday: Taco Braid

Thursday: Slow Cooker:  Amazing Chicken (previously made freezer meal)

Friday:  Leftovers

Saturday: Dinner at a friend's house

Sunday: Steak 
w/ Cheesy Pesto Bread, side salad and green beans

I have one question for you this week.   What is your family's favorite healthy, go-to, quick and easy, weeknight meal?   I'd love for you to share it with us.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week.   

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How I Turned A Stair Into A Shelf

Yesterday, I shared with you the before and after of our work area in our family room.  Today, I'm going to show you the super easy, way I built a new shelf for our desk area.  I went to the Home Depot and bought an oak stair tread and two wood corbels.
I had a coupon for a free samples of paint from Lowe's.  I have been collecting these coupons and getting different color samples each time I go in.  It's great for the little projects that I've been working on.
I painted everything with the satin, Du Jour, color.  I was able to get about 2 coats out of one of those small samples.
Measured it out on the wall, and made sure that it was level.  I also anchored it down with 4 screws on the to of the shelf into the corbel.  (Sorry, I missed getting a photo of that)  I basically anchored each corner down.

I then, sat back and admired my handy work.   This was once again, a project that was done while The Mister was at work.  Needless to say, he was quite impressed when he came home to see that I turned a stair into a shelf and that the entire desk area was organized.
See, we had a deal, I would organize the desk area, and then he would hang the new white door in Baby-Girl's room.  After that's done, I'll be able to give you the full room reveal.  :)

Back to the shelf supplies, I had purchased these items, months ago, I'm guessing about 7-8 months ago with this idea in mind. 

Supplies Needed:

Red Oak Stair Tread: $21.98 (I believe)
2 Corbels: $4.98
Paint: FREE

Total Cost: $26.96

What have you been organizing lately?  Taking anything from its original use and turning it into something new?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Work Station Is Up And Running!

Happy Tuesday!  Don't forget today is tax day, and if you haven't already done so, don't forget to get your taxes filed and/or mailed in!

While I was home last week, one of my main goals was to get through the organizing of our desk area in the family room.   This is the #1 drop all zone for EVERYTHING under the sun, when it enters our house.   It is aggravating and embarrassing all at the same time.  All the bills, the kids school work, forms to sign, magazines, it all seems to land on my desk.

When I showed it to you last week, it looked like this:  (remember, no judging here)
After working on this area for the last few days, and adding a new shelf and gathering some storage essentials, this is what it looks like now:

I am LOVING this new arrangement and seriously, how about that shelf?!  I am so excited about that shelf!  It has opened up so much storage for us...much needed, I might add.  I love the new layout as well.  I have been able to work at the computer and not only listen to the kids playing in the backyard, but watch them.

I have no doubt that I will find some child doing their homework there when I get home from work, instead of at their own desks.
See this shelf?  (Tutorial tomorrow on it)  :)

The faux tree colored pencils were from Cost Plus World Market, it was love at first sight.
This is a just a really old, very cool, old  fashioned pencil sharper.  The kids love using it, and it came from The Mister's Grammie.

Because I love a good before and after, here you go!
  I still have a few things left to do.  I'm going to sand down and stain that filing cabinet in a dark walnut stain to make it more complete and match the furniture in this room.  Also, when we start our kitchen remodel we are going to repaint the walls and take down the cedar planks on that far wall.  We really want to brighten this room up.  It's the only room that we really get a decent amount of natural light in.  It's all afternoon sun too.  Which I love.What have you been working on?  Any special areas that are a thorn in your side that you've had the time to tackle?


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